Rixos Premium Tekirova

Rixos Premium Tekirova is a great place for a great family vacation, because this is where history and culture, quality and luxury meet.

The Turkish Riviera, whose golden sands stretch for many miles along the coast, is ready to give you priceless hours in the warm sun in the blue Mediterranean waters and to capture many interesting activities. The Rixos Premium Tekirova has a range of fine restaurants and bars to entertainment and an endless list of exciting activities for the whole family.

At Rixos Premium Tekirova, you have the doors of restaurants open, with everything from Turkish national dishes to gourmet Italian classics, including ice cream desserts. Our chefs create world-class culinary masterpieces using only the best ingredients of 6 ala carte restaurants 2 main restaurants.

The surrounding nature creates the perfect atmosphere for many entertainments. Enjoy the beauty of nature while riding a mountain bike or dedicate time to water sports. The pool offers water polo and fitness classes, and those who prefer to feel the ground under their feet can play football, tennis and badminton. Experience the full range of sports emotions: from an easy friendly match to a serious aggravation of passions and rivalry.

And if you want peace and quiet, you can just relax on a deck chair!

The nightlife at Rixos Premium Tekirova will impress you with a number of bright shows. Acrobats who overcome the force of gravity, unforgettable circus performances and dynamic, pulsating rhythms of DJ sets and music groups are ready to delight you every day. These exciting performances have already become a hallmark of Rixos resorts.

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